New Agent Checklist

Get Connected

  • Add your new agent to Slack
  • Send a welcome email with a link to the Agent Welcome page
    • Invite them to be on ALL calls on that page every week
    • Use the Start Page to get their license if they don’t have it
  • Add the agent to Hubspot

HCMS Onboarding

  • After your new agent is licensed, invite them into HCMS
  • Agent receives 1st email with Onboarding link
  • Agent completes Onboarding (Reviews and edits personal info and creates password). If Onboarding is not completed in 30 days, the “Invite Agent” Request will automatically be deleted.
  • Agent’s HCMS profile is created
  • Agent receives 2nd email (immediately after Onboarding process is complete) with HCMS login link
  • Agent receives 3rd and final email (shortly after Onboarding process is complete email) with SureLC links.

Request Appointments

Complete Bootcamp

Buy Leads

  • Upon Bootcamp certification, set them up on the CRM Portal
    • Account > My Team > Add Team Account
  • Do a lead strategy call and invite them to purchase their first batch of leads on that call

Get To Work

  • Set proper expectations
    • First 4 weeks = $10k issue-paid
    • Second 4 weeks = $15k issue-paid
    • Third 4 weeks and beyond = $20k+ issue-paid
  • Have them plug into on Dial Days and schedule 15 appointments for the next two days
  • Have them call their Senior Underwriter at 800-304-6235 in every house for their first 30 client meetings