Chris Schiavo

Congratulations to Senior Sales Managers Chris and Jennifer Schiavo on opening up their first office! Chris and Jennifer have only been with FFL since May and are already growing their agency FFL Ignite. Continue reading below to learn about their first six months with FFL.

Q:What were you doing for work prior to getting started with FFL?
A: I had been working in supplemental health insurance for around 15 years and then sold final expense with a different IMO for a couple years afterward.

Q: How were you introduced to FFL and what made you decide to join?
A: I’ve known Dave Whichard for over 20 years and heard that he was making around $40,000 a month in comparison to my $8,000 per month so that was a large factor. I also just felt like I had plateaued and was working completely on my own without any proper training or support.

Q: You started with us in the middle of a pandemic, did that hinder you at all?
A: When the pandemic hit in March I didn’t feel comfortable running my business the way I always had because I went off of referrals and never set appointments. Once I started with FFL I didn’t really know to expect but then I realized it really wasn’t a big deal that we were in the middle of a pandemic. We have leads here, and people are very concerned with protecting their families right now so it didn’t slow us down.

Q:What was the main difference between following FFL’s business model compared to what you had done in the past?
A: The main differences were definitely leads and training. I had never worked off of a lead program before so I had to learn how to set appointments as opposed to working off of referrals. The second big change was the training/support here at FFL. I like to describe my old company’s structure kind of like IKEA. I had all the pieces to be able to reach success but I didn’t have the direction or instruction to be able to put all those pieces together efficiently. Here we have boot-camps, sales calls etc. that help with transitioning from a different company.

Q: Did you always plan to build an agency and open up an office?
A: Once we left supplemental health insurance we always knew that we’d want to open up our own agency. Jennifer was overseeing our recruiting efforts and doing a lot of things correctly but we didn’t have the system to build a successful agency. We were lacking in mentorship and we didn’t have the compensation or lead program that new agents are usually looking for. Once we saw what FFL had to offer for agency building it was a no brainer to focus on that and open up an office.

Q:What is your goal for the end of 2020?
A: Personally, I’d like to issue over $30,000 in the month of December. I’d also like to hire at least 5 more people from my warm market and have our agency submitting $80,000 a week. In regards to our agency, we’d like to recruit effectively and continue learning how to use the system so that we can have an Integrity Partnership deal as quickly as possible.