Mikayla Calhoun

Congratulations to new agent Mikayla Calhoun on her early success! Mikayla has received over $15,500 in bank deposits within her first 14 days with FFL! Continue reading below to learn more about her quick start.

Q:What were you doing for work prior to getting started with FFL?
A: I had been working as a captive insurance agent for the past 5 ½ years, but I didn’t have access to a lead program and had to rely on primarily cold calling.

Q: How were you introduced to FFL?
A: My upline Dave and I were working at the same company before he joined FFL. I started seeing him post about having access to leads as well as diverse products. Those were my main issues with my prior company so I decided it was finally time to make a switch. 

Q: What did your initial training look like and how long did it take for you to start dialing?
A: Contracting with the carriers took some time so I took advantage of that and immersed myself in our sales training. My first week I was able to go through a boot camp and purchased leads on Wednesday. I bought $490 worth of the Happy Agent Leads which are the internet final expense leads. Then on Friday I was approved by Americo and a couple other carriers so I booked appointments that same night for Saturday morning.

Q:How did your first appointments go?
A: I’m typically a very “Type A” person who likes to plan and have everything in order. But I was also very money motivated because we had used the last of our savings on leads and had bills that were due in only a week. Walking into my first appointment I only felt about 30% prepared. I knew I was going to have to call Dave from the home a few times. I ended up closing all of my appointments and learned so much from that experience. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself into the fire when learning something new so I’m glad I had so much pressure because if I didn’t I probably would have taken a lot longer to get going. 

Q: What are your goals for 2020?
A: My husband Sold about $150,000 in supplemental insurance last year, they paid him about $52,000 for that amount of activity because of the difference in commission levels. By January 1st I’d like to make more than $52,000 just to prove that I can beat those numbers in just a few months! He just got licensed this week so that he can start selling life as well, and he’s been so helpful with handling the kids so that I can go out into the field.

Q:What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to new agents looking to have the same type of quick success as you?
A: I’d say to lay down your pride, humble yourself and don’t be afraid to fail forward. You have to fall on your face and mess up to really learn, and you’ll never have success if you’re too afraid of that initial failure.

We love to hear about the success that our agents are having here at FFL, and we believe that it’s important that we celebrate them. If you have a testimony that you’d like to share for yourself or on behalf of another agent please email