For Your Business

As a business owner, not having that corporate safety net can be nerve-wracking. You’re likely paying out more for healthcare than ever before. Insurance companies are paying out less and less, leaving you with higher deductibles, higher co-pays, and smaller networks.

Even when you get a little sick, you know you’re going to come out of pocket a little bit. But when something major happens, the astronomical costs have made medical bills the #1 reason for bankruptcy in America.

*** What if you had coverage that pays YOU when you need it most? ***

We have studied the major risks you face. Our programs create cash-flow into your business if you’re sick or hurt, regardless of any insurance you have now or in the future.

Here are some quick points why other entrepreneurs have these programs:

  • The premiums are deductible which lowers your taxes
  • The insurance company we use refunds 100% of your premium if you don’t use the coverage
  • When you (or the key people you choose to cover) have an accident or serious illness, the coverage deposits thousands of dollars a month into the business no matter how long treatment lasts – enabling you to not skip a beat operationally

Also, with the combination of the tax deduction and return of premium, you can anticipate a return on investment higher than any CD or savings account – and that’s if everyone stays well. If you get sick or hurt, your rate of return will be much higher.