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Earn What You’re Worth: Here, you will finally be paid what you are worth. Full commission is common in the insurance industry; making us some of the highest paid career professionals in all of sales. Our sales and management professionals take advantage of the fact that there is no limit to the amount they can earn. You’ll find our compensation program is second-to-none across our industry. Generous performance bonuses make for serious income potential and financial stability for you and your family.

Get Paid For Life: Are you still getting paid by a company you no longer work with? Unlike other careers, our family of sales professionals create lifetime earnings. Each policy will pay a first year commission, and many will pay renewal commissions each year it remains in force. Since our agents are fully vested from day one, you will continue to receive renewal earnings for a lifetime, regardless of your future affiliation with us. The generational wealth created by those earnings provides an income stream for your family’s future.

Lead Your Team: People with leadership qualities thrive here. There is no required time limit before you can begin recruiting and leading people. While our sales professionals make a very lucrative income, recruiting and leading people adds significantly to your income opportunity.

Own Your Own Business: We offer an ownership opportunity second to none. We are represented around the country by several independently owned and operated agencies like ours. Each agency began with an Agent who decided to climb the ladder to the top. You can be promoted to owner of your own agency in your first year with the right focus and activity!

Take The Initiative: We offer you more than just a job. The income and flexibility our business provides allows you the opportunity to create the lifestyle you want. You will have access to training and day-to-day support to provide the highest quality service to your clients while maximizing your own net worth. You will have a real opportunity to help people obtain the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have the coverage that meets their needs.