Price Objection

An agent asked me recently how they could stop getting beat up on price. How could they get their clients to see the value in a more expensive product?

The thing about objections is: it’s a GAME.

The first person to get to the objection WINS.

Here’s a suggested word track you can use if you think you’re going to be dealing with the price objection later in the conversation:

If you’re like most of my clients out here, you like to shop around for the absolutely BEST deal you can find – is that right?

Awesome. I remember the first time I heard that, I thought it meant CHEAPEST rate and I thought “GREAT! I have those!”

But then a client told me it wasn’t necessarily the CHEAPEST rate they wanted – but the BEST VALUE.

Are you wired pretty much the same way?

After they agree, you can then build the value of your premium product and they’ll be in the frame of mind to listen and consider your recommendation.