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No One Will Save You

As much as people want “the authorities” to calm their fears and show them the way… As desperately as the sheep bleat for the shepherd…

No one will save you. 

There are no adults in the room.

No one “knows.” 

The government has not, will not, and CANNOT save you. No breadcrumbs from Washington are going to fortify or compensate you. No government program is going to prepare you for whatever comes next. 

Whether or not the next few weeks and months mark your faltering or flourishing… 

Whether you get WEAKER OR STRONGER… 

That is up to YOU and you alone. 

So stop waiting for instructions. Stop waiting for someone to re-hire, reassure, or re-train you. Seize control of your own life, now. While everyone else goes plump on the couch… Get smarter, hungrier, and STRONGER than you’ve ever been. There is nothing to fear: you can handle whatever comes next, so long as you rise to the occasion and unleash the warrior inside you. 

Are you ready to take advantage of this quarantine “down” time? 

Have you decided to not just survive but THRIVE in the wild days ahead?

The above was written by my friend Brian Ward – and it really hit home for me: Now is the time to acknowledge and even embrace it: No one is coming and it’s up to YOU to protect and provide for your family.

I posted an article by one of my favorite thinkers, Werner Erhard, a few days ago about aligning yourself with what’s so instead of what you WISH was so. Check it out if you haven’t read it. I welcome your thoughts!