Insurance Lifestyle

Starting Up

Starting an insurance agency with Family First Life is just like starting an agency with State Farm, Allstate, New York Life and others.

Except we don’t require $20,000-$50,000 to begin. In fact, we have no franchise fees. You can start an agency for less than one month’s rent in a decent apartment.

There’s also no need for you to go and take down an office lease, or hire 5 people out the gates. We can’t imagine a faster way for you to create unnecessary pressure on your business.

We also don’t require you to participate in corporate Marketing programs that may, or may not work.

You also aren’t stuck with representing a single carrier, minimizing the number of families you are able to help. With us, you will represent John Hancock, Americo, Mutual of Omaha, AIG and other A-rated carriers which will ensure that you never meet a family you can’t serve.

Maybe best of all, you don’t have to beg your friends and family to do business with you in order to grow your business. We have access to more leads than we can handle. Because of this, your PERSONAL INCOME can well exceed $250,000 in year one of your business. Truly, you can be profitable in 48 hours.

No contracts or “marketing agreements” with FFL. We don’t believe in holding agents hostage.

100%-145% comp. I hired a lady who was being paid 35% at her last company. How can you build a business on that? You can’t. How can your agents survive on less than that so you can earn your carrier overrides? They can’t.

You’re fully vested day 1. You own your book. You own your residuals.

World class training…for FREE.

Sell your business in 24 months or less to partners that are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to buy it.

Well, maybe it’s nothing like starting an agency anywhere else after all…

It’s almost annoying how long this list is. Reach out if you want to learn more. We’re looking for people that are doers and not talkers. Let’s build something that can impact your family for generations.