Todd Hausberger

FFL Velocity would like to highlight Vice President Todd Hausberger for this week’s testimonial! Todd started with us in August 2020 and just had his first 60 k month. Continue reading below to learn more about his journey with FFL:

Q: When did you start working with FFL?
A: I started in August of 2020.

Q: What were you doing for work prior to finding FFL?
A: I was working at the same supplemental insurance company as Dave W. Him and a few of my other insurance friends reached out to me about FFL. There were three main things that influenced my decision to leave. The ability to have a higher compensation level, access to a real lead program, and I saw Dave’s massive growth which served as a testament to the opportunity.

Q: What was the learning curve like for you?
A: I didn’t have a ton of experience with selling life since my previous company only had one life product. I consider myself to be a student of the game and so I watched tons of podcasts and took over 70+ pages of notes at my first boot camp. That really helped me to learn the system quickly.

Q: What have you been spending on leads?
A: I spent around $1500 my first week and now I do around $2500 per week. I’m hoping to minimally issue 10k per month but the past couple months I’ve been in the 50-60k range.

Q: What has been the most difficult thing to learn?
A: The most difficult thing for me has definitely been learning to dial the phone. I come from working off of referrals and residential cold-calling but I didn’t have to spend a lot of time on the phone.

Q: How have you been able to master that challenge?
A: I used to have a virtual office but now I have a full office where I can dial out of. I also have a full time assistant that helps me set up my schedule so that I can focus more time on recruiting and building up our agency.

QWhat is your goal for 2021?
A: My goal is to hit hall of fame and to become a board member.

QWhat is your one piece of advice for new agents looking to get started?
A: My biggest piece of advice is to listen to a ton of podcasts and be a student of the game. I think people expect themselves to just get better but you have to invest into yourself with the proper education and training in order to grow.