Setting Appointments with your Warm Market

Phone Approach for people you know – Warm Market

We all have friends who have approached us in the past and asked us to buy things, or join their multi-level marketing company, or donate to some cause that we may or may not have been excited about. As a result, it can be a little nerve-wracking to approach the people we already know about our business. No one wants to come across as “that guy” or “that girl” in our social circle.

The key thing with approaching people you are already connected to – who have known you before you decided to get into this business – is to have a good reason for the call, and to let them off the hook right away and put their mind at ease that you’re not going to guilt them into buying anything.


Hey Taylor? Hey it’s Eric – how’s it going? (spend as much time as you like on rapport and catch-up)

The No-Pressure Approach

So Taylor – the reason I’m calling is: I got a new job recently – did you hear about it? Well I got talked into the insurance business if you can believe that! (make a joke about it if they act surprised)

Now – relax; I don’t need you to buy anything, Taylor 🙂 But I could use a favor. As part of my training, I’m supposed to do 50 practice presentations of our product. I can either practice on people I don’t know – by knocking on doors or whatever – BUT I’d rather practice on friendly faces, you know?

The Ask

You think we could get together for 15-20 minutes in the next few days so I could show you what I’m doing? Like I said, I’m not going to try and talk you into (or out of) buying anything – I just want to practice my presentation, get some feedback – and hopefully a referral or two so I don’t have to start out making cold calls. Sound fair?

If they ask “What kind of insurance is it?”

It’s actually really cool – we have these small policies that people can get, if they qualify for them, that actually help pay their bills if they get hurt or get sick with something crazy like Cancer, Heart Attack, ICU stay, or anything serious.

And the insurance company backs it up with a savings plan, so they get all their money back for retirement if they don’t end up needing the coverage.

Like I said – I really only need 15-20 minutes to run through my presentation with you and see what you think. What does your schedule look like tomorrow?