You Have A Choice

From Trevor Dunbar with FFL. After reading it, I realized it may be the very thing others also may be encouraged by.

DISCLOSURE: There are MANY people at FFL that have achieved much greater success than I have in my short time here, but I’ve tasted what’s possible.

I genuinely believe ANYONE CAN DO THIS if we’re simply willing to put in the work and refuse to quit when things get hard.

Easy? NO. Simple? YES. 


In the event anyone is still confused about how POWERFUL this opportunity is and WHY we need to not only WORK, but also share the opportunity with EVERY American we meet and/or have access to via social media EVERY DAY.

  • Genevieve found out about FFL through Tinder and earned more than $400,000 in her first full year.
  • I found out about FFL in Ryan Stewman’s sales group on Facebook and I earned more than $150,000 in my first 6 months.
  • I found Kandace on LinkedIn and saw she was already successful with another IMO but lacked all of the benefits that FFL offers. Two more people have already joined our team as a result of me simply sharing the opportunity with her.
  • I met Serge through Instagram and a podcast I hosted a couple years ago. We’ve only been in touch casually for the last couple years, discussing faith, life, and finding our way along the pathway to greatness, as husbands, fathers and businessmen. About a month ago Serge reached out and asked me about FFL because he saw me posting about it on social. I invited him to convention. He went. After only 3 days in the presence of people winning with FFL he now sees a clear path to create a better future for his family. It’s the same path I saw Memorial Day weekend in 2020. Serge now not only sees Hall of Fame as an achievable goal, but he’s already set a target for $500,000 before he’s even taken his test.
  • Casie responded to an ad online and now she sees what’s possible in owning her own agency in Minnetonka, MN. She can see that the Midwest NEEDS HER presence and passion in the community.

You’re all in THIS GROUP and on THIS TEAM because YOU are LEADERS.

God’s favor is upon you and it’s time to level up.

Take all of your successes, failures, hopes, dreams, and disappointments…BUNDLE THEM UP and use them as the fuel to drive you out of bed each morning.

CREATE the life you want, for yourself, your family, your friends, and those people searching for hope that you’re soon to meet.

Set your targets. :dart:

Write them down. :writing_hand::skin-tone-3:

Visualize their completion. :eyes:

WORK. :mountain:

FOCUS. :fire:

WIN. :crown:

This is the greatest time in history to create wealth and we’ve all stepped into the ring for the most important fight of our life.

NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. :fist::skin-tone-3:

YOU MUST SAVE YOURSELF. :dagger_knife::shield:

You all have a choice today.

PURSUE GREATNESS with relentless tenacity or QUIT.


Be Hot or Cold…Lukewarm leads to a miserable death. 

There’s no shame if this isn’t the right opportunity for you or if you don’t want to put in the work.

However, you MUST DECIDE what it is that you REALLY WANT and what it is that YOU WILL REALLY DO to get it.

For 20 years I’ve been in the business of making myself uncomfortable by taking massive action in the face of uncertainty.

It’s the only way I’ve ever grown.

It’s easy to be motivated by external influences, but that motivation only lasts for a minute. Eventually fear, uncertainty, and fatigue will quickly squash that desire to push through.

You MUST find that :fire::fire: INSIDE of you and fan the flame with your action every day.


My call to action for all of you today is to run this race like your life depends on it.

Live today with a First Day/Last Day mentally.

Start today FRESH leaving your failures in the past so you don’t get bogged down, and leaving your successes in the past so you don’t get complacent, or even worse, an ego.

Then live it like it was your last day on earth.

Leave NOTHING on the table.

It’s time for your VISION to become your REALITY.